With a Little Help from Us, Friends

17 Sep

Hey there, folks.

As I’m sure many of you know, the recording music industry is realigning itself under a new model, and record companies are no longer the pillar that stabilizes the industry floor. Within this new model (which is still shaping itself and operating in shifting and amorphous parameters) the individual artist assumes the responsibilities of not only the artist, but now the business agent, and the record company as well. The artist is the new pillar, and it’s a hefty load. Where record companies could invest existing capital into a recording project, the artist is now left holding the money bag. Most musicians I know can pull their existing capital out of their pockets, spread it on the counter, and then spend it all on gas, coffee, rent, and in support of other musicians. Some like cigarettes. I’m often found in bookstores. Mostly, it’s a hard, working-class life spent on the road, with little financial reward, and virtually no financial gain. So with that kind of capital, how can today’s working musician fund albums without the financial power and backing of the record companies?

Well, a few digital fundraising platforms arose to satisfy the need, and they place the financial power directly in the listener’s hands. In a sense, these platforms (collectively) are a short-cut around the record company, and place the musician and listener in direct contact. Frame the concept in terms of an investment in addition to a purchase, a “two-for” that’s good for the musician, and good for the listener. But what am I getting at? Simply put, I want to share three outstanding recording projects which I backed, with you. I hope that you’ll consider the investment too. With a little help from us, we can help launch projects that are valuable beyond the limited language of Finance, and become the recording music industry. Ladies first…

Caitlin Canty, “Reckless Skyline”

Zak Trojano, “Yesterday’s Sun”

Danny Schmidt, “Owls”

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