Swing Sets West

13 Dec

This Thursday, I’m heading out to the western part of the state for a string of three shows. I’ll be playing in Rochester, a familiar city, but in a new location, Starry Nites Cafe. This is a relaxed setting – a little tight, but certainly relaxed and intimate – situated right in the University Neighborhood. Those folks were mighty kind to me when I stopped in for a bite to eat and a coffee on a Saturday afternoon late last Spring. Good people make for a good spot.

I’m hoping to meet up with friend and songwriter, Matt Sauer who struts on the guitar for The Indras. I owe a hell of a lot of good times to Matt; he’s put me up each time I’ve gone to Rochester to play shows, and I’ve been making the trip for about two years now. Matt is housemates with Corey (also of Indras notoriety) who is one of the funniest guys I know. His perspective on the current state of live music had me wiping tears with my sleeve.

After Rochester, I’m heading down to Montour Falls, NY to meet up and play with Palatypus band-mate, Matt Durfee’s brother, Travis Durfee for a night of songs at the Harvest Cafe. It’s a dinner show, and according to their website, they offer “the best chargrilled burgers in Northern Appalachia.” Alright, I’m in… They also claim to be home to the “most Vegan friendly menu in the region.” The region, y’all.

And on Saturday, I’ll drive a bit further west to Angelica, NY for another dinner set at the Black-Eyed Susan Acoustic Cafe. Co-owner, Don, has been a most gracious host, and I’ve yet to meet the guy. He’s reached out to contacts at WRUR radio, and says that they’ll be spinning tunes off Greenhorn. Nice. Thanks, Don. Their menu impressed me, and was certainly a factor in reaching out to them. After writing with Don a few times, I’m honored that they’re having me in to play. It seems to me that they’re particular about musical acts.

So, if you feel like taking a road trip for some good food, times and tunes, hop in the car and travel with. And if you know anyone out in Western New York, make sure you tell them to head on out and to introduce themselves…

In a bit, folks…

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