Greenhorn – Released: 04/18/2011
– Hilltown Records

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    Album Credits:
    – Engineered by John Rice at Hilltown Studios: www.stinkpants.com/johnrice
    – Assistant Engineer, Connor Burns
    – Mixed by John Rice and M.R. Poulopoulos
    – Mastered by John Rice
    – All songs written by M.R. Poulopoulos, except “Pepper Dish” – written by M.R. Poulopoulos, John Rice & Courtney Blackwell
    – Artwork by Kelly Kilgallon: www.kellykilgallon.net

    Track Listing:
    1. Drunk (John Rice – Slide Guitar / Ryan Dunham – Harmonica)
    2. Hummingbird (Mat Kane – Fiddle, Mandolin / Mike McLean – Bass)
    3. No Diamonds to Toss (John Rice – Slide Guitar / Courtney Blackwell – Vocals)
    4. The Drought (John Rice – Slide Guitar, Guitar, Bass)
    5. Just a Shadow
    6. Advice from an Old Man (John Rice – Slide Guitar, Brushes / Mike McLean – Bass / Courtney Blackwell – Vocals)
    7. Sweepin’ (John Rice – Slide Guitar, Vocals / Courtney Blackwell – Vocals / Andrea Lomanto – Vocals)
    8. White Line (John Rice – Slide Guitar / Ryan Dunham – Harmonica)
    9. Tender Massacre (John Rice – Slide Guitar)
    10. Between You and Me (John Rice – Slide Guitar / Ryan Dunham – Harmonica / Courtney Blackwell – Vocals)
    11. On and On (John Rice – Guitar / Courtney Blackwell – Vocals)
    12. Rescue Me (Matt Durfee – Guitar, Vocals)
    13. Trouble Came My Way (John Rice – Slide Guitar, Vocals / Mat Kane – Fiddle / Ryan Dunham – Harmonica / Mike McLean – Bass / Matt Durfee – Vocals)
    14. Wish (John Rice – Slide Guitar)

    Liner Thanks:
    I have too little space to thank everyone involved in creating Greenhorn, but nothing would have been possible if Courtney, John, Connor and Hazel hadn’t opened their home, ears and hearts. Your time is priceless, and I hope you consider it well spent – Let’s play until the cows come home. John, you made
    this happen; I am indebted. Mat, Matt, Michael & Ryan, your undeniable talents enrich the tunes. I wish I could have you there each time I play. Kelly, your pristine vision is a gift and your patience is a godsend. Mom, Dad, I’ll call more often now, I swear… Everything I have and do is a result of your love, guidance and support: I love you guys. Andrea, I had no idea that freedom would be found by joining my heart with another. I hope our hearts keep the beat while our dreams guide our feet. Here we go…

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