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Comanche Moon – Live at Caffe Lena

21 Apr

As a performing musician, there are moments after I complete a song that I think to myself, “That felt great. I hope someone recorded it.” I had that thought immediately after Ryan Dunham, John Rice, and I played the last notes on my song “Comanche Moon,” a few weeks back at Caffe Lena for the Amanda’s Journey Foundation Benefit Concert. Lost Radio Rounder, benefit organizer, and all around generous guy, Tom Lindsay was there recording the afternoon’s show, and I’m grateful. This is one of my favorite performances of this song to date.

Be sure to check out Amanda’s Journey Foundation, and their work in supporting those with and the families of those with Mitochondrial Disease, a disease which compromises the body’s ability to create the energy needed for growth and support. Learn up, and give or lend what you can…

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TV Performance – TRAX on LookTV

5 Mar

Just a few Sundays ago, I headed up to Saratoga Springs, NY to sit for a videotaped (digitally recorded) interview and performance. It was a last-minute affair, and turned into an afternoon and evening full of music and laughter. And… I came away with this produced video that runs about a half-hour and was broadcasted around Northern New York on LookTV’s TRAX program, which features musicians from the area. I was honored with Episode 1, a nice slot, despite what the New Testament says…

My favorite music shop here in New York’s Capital District, Parkway Music, sponsored the event and had sound wizard and electronics tech Frank Moscowitz from Black Dog Recording Studio sit as the audio engineer. One of Saratoga’s hopping night-spots, Gaffney’s hosted the show. A debt and much gratitude to all these folks. Hope you enjoy the video.

Behind the Scenes of WEXT’s 2014 Local 518 Calendar

3 Dec

As noted in the last Low Down Review, No. 24, I sat for a tattoo at Ms. Dixie’s Tattoo & Pin Up Parlour. What I didn’t mention was that the session doubled as a photo shoot for WEXT 97.7 FM‘s upcoming Local 518 Calendar, which will benefit the station and help cover operational costs – a worthy cause.

During the shoot, Monkfish Media Group‘s Kiki Vassilakis captured video footage of both the tattoo and the shoot in progress. Pair that footage up with a few sample still shots from Julia Zave Photography, mix it in with footage and shots from all the other calendar shoots, and you have a behind the scenes video. Presto:

PREVIEW: Behind The Scenes Of WEXT’s 2014 Local 518 Calendar! from Monkfish Media Group on Vimeo.

Two Videos, and Weekend Shows

30 Nov

Folks! Check out these two videos on YouTube. This first one was a serendipitous arrival. While in New London, CT, and sharing a bill with The Womack Family Band, Daphne Lee Martin & Raise the Rent, and The Weird Beards, I intended to ask the Womack’s photographer (Cody!), to record my tune “Sweepin'” when The Womacks joined me for some harmony. Well… I forgot, but some lovely folks in the audience found the initiative floating low in the room and captured the moment without a word passing between us. Nice… Check it out (the embed code is funky, so it’s an image with a link):

Sweepin’ – with The Womack Family Band

The second video caught me by surprise in a different manner. I knew that this show with the Lost Radio Rounders was recorded, but when I saw this video for the first time last night, I was reminded of how I completely oblivious I was to that fact while we were playing. This is the Carter Family’s tune, “No Depression” which I arranged specifically for this show. If you like this one, you can purchase the entire recording at one of my shows, or at this link… where you can sample and purchase individual tunes as well.

No Depression – with Lost Radio Rounders and Friends

Before I sign off, I want to share the info on this weekend’s shows. Tonight, I’ll be in Beckett, MA for my debut performance at The Dream Away Lodge, a place with great food, a steamy past, and legend all its own. Saturday, I’ll hit up WIOX Radio in the Catskills for a live studio performance with Terry Doyle. Later that night, I’ll be at the Crossroads Brewing Company in Athens, NY. They brew one of my favorite IPAs, “Outrage.” And on Sunday, I’ll be part of a benefit show for those affected by Hurricane Sandy at Red Square in Albany, NY. Folks… This is a solid line-up of Albany’s musicians, and you don’t want to miss it. More at the event link and poster image below.

Show Info:

    Friday, November 30th at 8:00 p.m.
    The Dream Away Lodge
    1342 County Road
    Beckett, MA 01223
    (413) 623-8725
    Reservations Strongly Suggested

    Saturday, December 1st at 5:00 p.m.
    Crackle Radio Show @ WIOX
    Roxbury, NY 12474

    Saturday, December 1st at 9:00 p.m.
    Crossroads Brewing Company
    21 Second Street
    Athens, NY 12015
    (518) 945-2338
    Eat, Drink and Enjoy

    Sunday, December 2nd at 7:00 p.m.
    Red Square
    Hurricane Sandy Benefit Show
    388 Broadway
    Albany, NY 12207
    (518) 465-0444
    $10 at Door, $7 w/ non-perishable food item or clothing donation
    Facebook event page and line-up

Thanks so much, folks. I wouldn’t be able to do any of the above without your support and I hope to see you out there. Much love your way…

– Mike


31 Aug

Hey, folks.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and remind y’all that I’m playing Club Passim’s campfire. festival this Saturday, starting at 1:30 p.m. I’ll sit for songs in the round with Jim Trick, Mariana Bell and Sierra West. There may very well be some last minute collaborations and inspirations up on stage, and considering the entire schedule and list of performers, you might want to change your Labor Day plans…

Now, I know it’s unlikely that any of you who’ve planned excursions for the extended weekend, and booked cottages and campsites for your own campfires will up and change those plans (though, I’m very grateful to you folks who’ve mentioned that you’re attending). So, I’ll mention that the cutting-edge folks at Passim have come up with a solution for you too: You can watch the entirety of the festival live and online at Concert Window. Grab a beer and tune into the tunes, and most of all, enjoy your weekend.

Quick Details:
M.R. Poulopoulos plays Club Passim’s campfire. festival
– Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 – 617-492-7679
– 1:30 p.m. / Songs in the Round with Jim Trick, Mariana Bell, Sierra West
Buy Tickets ($10 day / $30 weekend)
Watch the festival live

A Pair of Tunes for Uncle Bill

29 Jun

Hey there, folks.

I just wanted to share some video from last month’s show at Mocha Maya’s in Shelburne Falls, MA. I opened the night for Kyle Carey, a wonderful vocalist and songwriter.

I wrote these two songs because I had the pleasure of knowing my Uncle Bill, a hard working man with a humorous disposition. Life dealt him some tough shots, but the man carried on and I believe he found joy along the way. Here they are, “Dandelion Wine” and “Old Bill”:

You can also view other live video on the “Sounds Live” page…

Red Haired Strangers – The Hunt for Spruce: Larrivee Guitars

19 Mar

A while back, my good buddy, Red Haired Strangers writer, guitar-slinger and Greenhorn producer, John Rice told me he submitted a tune to Larrivée Guitars for use in a promotional video. It was an open call for tunes played on a Larrivée guitar, which John owns and plays.

After a while, John received some exciting news from John Larrivée, Jr., son of company founder, John Larrivée. The short story goes that Larrivée decided to use the Red Haired Strangers’ tune, “Pumpkin Hollow” (which you can hear, here…). Here’s Mr. Larrivée’s words: “The Red Haired Strangers are my kind of soup. I’m so glad you came forward with [the] ‘Pumpkin Hollow’ track, as it was the perfect piece I was looking for.” It’s a sweet tune, for sure…

Here’s the video:

As a side-note, I think John should get a new guitar outta this deal…

MS Benefit at 431 Delaware, Albany, NY

12 Jul

I’m very pleased that we were able to combine a good time with a good cause. This past Saturday, I joined the Blackwell Sinners, Matt Durfee and a whole lot of y’all at Laura Welles and Perry Woodin’s re-purposed Baptist Church, a.k.a. 431 Delaware, or the 7th Ward House in Albany, NY for an afternoon of song, summer sipping and fundraising.

With your folks’ help, the Albany Angels raised over $400 for their MS Challenge Walk. And the fundraising continues, so if you missed out on Saturday’s benefit, you can donate at the Albany Angels link above, or by clicking here… Please help continue Multiple Sclerosis research and education.

None of the time spent so well would have been possible without the generous donation of time and space from Laura and Perry. These two are imbued with humble beneficence, and I am very grateful for their generosity, and I know that the Albany Angel ladies are as well.

I think I may have been the recipient of some positive karma, because we caught some great video of a few of my tunes, and I’d like to share them with you folks. Feel free to pass them along and share them with your friends… Here ya go:

Pepper Dish: with Courtney Blackwell and John Rice

Trouble Came My Way: with John Rice, Matt Durfee and Mat Kane

This World of Hers…

31 Jan

Courtney Blackwell, of the Blackwell Sinners teamed up with Rob McCuen of Wiley Dobbs and her husband, John Rice, also of the Blackwell Sinners (and Lut and the Red Haired Strangers), to record her original song, “This World of Mine.”

In true fashion, Courtney created a video that carries the theme of the title and song right across the images. I am proud to say that I am part of the video, and equally proud to know that I’m a part of this world of hers.

Check out the video below…

My Boots and the Blackwell Sinners

25 Nov

I spent a great deal of my time this Fall with Courtney Blackwell Rice and John Rice, two fine singers and songwriters here in NY’s Capital District. I can prove it… Here’s a music video they cut for a sweet cover of “Green, Green, Rocky Road” by Dave Von Ronk(?).

While I wasn’t involved in the recording, I make a couple cameo appearances, and my boots are featured performers. They’re immensely pleased…

Check out more of the Blackwell Sinners at their facebook page…