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TV Performance – TRAX on LookTV

5 Mar

Just a few Sundays ago, I headed up to Saratoga Springs, NY to sit for a videotaped (digitally recorded) interview and performance. It was a last-minute affair, and turned into an afternoon and evening full of music and laughter. And… I came away with this produced video that runs about a half-hour and was broadcasted around Northern New York on LookTV’s TRAX program, which features musicians from the area. I was honored with Episode 1, a nice slot, despite what the New Testament says…

My favorite music shop here in New York’s Capital District, Parkway Music, sponsored the event and had sound wizard and electronics tech Frank Moscowitz from Black Dog Recording Studio sit as the audio engineer. One of Saratoga’s hopping night-spots, Gaffney’s hosted the show. A debt and much gratitude to all these folks. Hope you enjoy the video.

WEXT 97.7 FM 2014 Calendar Now Available

12 Dec

The calendar I mentioned in my prior post is now available. All the proceeds go to WEXT 97.7 FM to support their programming. All of the songwriters involved donated their time, though I can say that my shoot and tattoo session was a fun, somewhat painful, way to spend a day. The woman behind the lens is the woman behind it all. She pioneered this project, donating not only time, but equipment and talent too. That woman is Julia Zave at Julia Zave Photography. Thank you, Julia, even though you tried to persuade me into a much, much larger tattoo.

Here’s the photo from our shoot:

So pick up a calendar now, support the station (which you can stream here…), and hang some beautiful photography on your wall, all year long.

WEXT Calendar by Julia Zave Photography

Behind the Scenes of WEXT’s 2014 Local 518 Calendar

3 Dec

As noted in the last Low Down Review, No. 24, I sat for a tattoo at Ms. Dixie’s Tattoo & Pin Up Parlour. What I didn’t mention was that the session doubled as a photo shoot for WEXT 97.7 FM‘s upcoming Local 518 Calendar, which will benefit the station and help cover operational costs – a worthy cause.

During the shoot, Monkfish Media Group‘s Kiki Vassilakis captured video footage of both the tattoo and the shoot in progress. Pair that footage up with a few sample still shots from Julia Zave Photography, mix it in with footage and shots from all the other calendar shoots, and you have a behind the scenes video. Presto:

PREVIEW: Behind The Scenes Of WEXT’s 2014 Local 518 Calendar! from Monkfish Media Group on Vimeo.

Kelly Joe Phelps Live – Review

14 Sep

Hey there, folks. I traveled out to Northampton, MA earlier this week to catch Kelly Joe Phelps‘ performance at the Iron Horse Music Hall. I was captivated by his presence and playing, and inspired to share my experience. I wrote a review of the show, and the folks over at the fine Albany arts and culture blog, Nippertown published the piece. Here’s an excerpt, with a link to the full article below it:

“Switching between an open-tuned steel National resonator and a standard-tuned Martin D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative, Phelps became a river through which flowed blues, spiritual, country and gospel music, all of them caught up in soulful currents; at times a torrent of notes ran across a bluesy minor scale, and at others an inspirational and slow-moving cascade of vocals descended from the source of all major rivers.”

Click here for the full article…

Playing DJ

2 Apr

Earlier today, I traveled over to the WEXT studio in Troy, NY to record a quick spot for their My EXIT program. Here’s the deal on the spot: The folks at WEXT allow an hour for a guest DJ to spin whatever their pleasure may be. This is not only a great way for the listener-supported station to directly involve their listeners, it’s also a way for listeners to connect with one another, and perhaps influence some of the programming…

DJ KTG set me up behind the mic, asked me to record a few promo lines for the show, and then I was free to fill in the talking points. DJ Dave Michaels stopped in to say hello, and seemed a little surprised that I didn’t pimp out Greenhorn in the set. As you see from the below list, I was strictly spinning tunes that have influenced and currently do influence my approach/es to songwriting (Click here for a pdf of the set list…).

I’m hoping I did these wonderfully talented people justice during the hour. I kept the chat to a minimum so I could fill the time with songs. I’m also hoping you folks tune in to hear the program, or generally tune in to WEXT to enjoy what the good folks over there spin. Check the Calendar for an update on when the spot cruises the radio waves…

Here’s the set list with artist links (NOTE: Artist – Song / Album):

1.) The Stray Birds – Birds of the Borderland / Borderland
2.) Jeffrey Foucault – Train to Jackson / Ghost Repeater
3.) Danny Schmidt – Grandpa Built Bridges / Instead the Forest Rose to Sing
4.) Danielle Miraglia – Home / Box of Troubles
5.) Kelly Joe Phelps – Plumb Line / Tunesmith Retrofit
6.) Chris Smither – Time Stands Still / Time Stands Still
7.) Mark Erelli – Everything in Ruin / Little Vigils
8.) Jill Andrews – These Words / Jill Andrews – EP
9.) Danny Schmidt – Boils Down to Blood / Make Right the Time
10.) Chris Castle – All Kinds of Time / Last Bird Home
11.) River Wheel – Hell Waiting / The Sound We Made
12.) Jeffrey Foucault – Heart to the Husk / Horse Latitudes
13.) Red Haired Strangers – Pumpkin Hollow / Hilltown Sessions
14.) Mark Erelli & Jeffrey Foucault – Wyoming Wind / Seven Curses

Let me know what you think of the set, y’all…

Greenhorn on Spotify

5 Oct

In addition to Pandora’s internet radio and music genome music project, you can now find Greenhorn on Spotify. All the kids have been buzzing about it, and after a deluge in music submitted to the service and a subsequent delay in sorting, Greenhorn made the cut.

According to Wikipedia, Spotify “users can register either for free accounts supported by visual and radio-style advertising or for paid subscriptions without ads and with a range of extra features such as higher bitrate streams and offline access to music. A paid ‘Premium’ subscription is required to use Spotify on mobile devices.”

So go ahead folks, jump in and start splashing Greenhorn’s electric currents, and be sure to tip off your friends…

Interview: Schenectady Gazette

16 Sep

Yesterday, Schenectady Gazette reporter, Brian McElhiney put to print an interview he and I conducted over the phone. We dug into my past a bit, to the tips of the roots. We went back to when and where I first started playing music, in Providence, Rhode Island, and carried the conversation through the Troy, NY based rock band Manikin Ed (which he wrote out as Manic Head), through the origins of Palatypus, right up to today with Greenhorn.

Brian and I also talked about a few upcoming gigs, including this Saturday’s (Sept. 17) Roots Festival. The proceeds from the show will benefit Albany, NY’s J.C. Club, which helps feed hungry children in Albany’s inner-city. The show starts at 7:00 p.m., and you can buy tickets at the door, or by clicking here…

The Schenectady Gazette setup a pay-wall, so if you aren’t a subscriber, it’s going to be a difficult task to get a read in. I’d copy the interview here for y’all to read, but copyright issues prevent me. I do, however, have an emailed copy, and I’ll be happy to forward that on to anyone who asks. If you are a subscriber, you can read the interview by clicking here…

Greenhorn Review:

11 Aug

Freelance writer and photographer Lindsay Malachowski reviewed “Greenhorn” for the Capital District’s web arts log, Nippertown. In addition to reading the review, be sure to bookmark Nippertown for art and music event listings and reviews. It’s a great resource for both the curious and involved.

Here’s the review:

“With his relaxed, storytelling approach, Michael Poulopoulos’ solo debut ‘Greenhorn’ feels like an intimate conversation with the singer, sitting on his front porch as he gently strums his acoustic guitar.

A separate journey from his path as one-half the acoustic duo of Palatypus, this new singular effort is a pleasing mix of blues, folk and rock, and connects many of Poulopoulos’ influences: Dylan, Prine, Young, but updates the sound with his own uncomplicated, minimalistic style.

On the opening track ‘Drunk,’ Ryan Dunham’s occasional harmonica wafts over Poulopoulos’ bare chords and soothing Jack Johnson-esque voice. ‘No Diamonds To Toss’ is a lovesick lullaby all about trying to forget the one you loved, with Courtney Blackwell harmonizing in the background.

Tucked in the middle of the impressive 15-song line-up is ‘White Line,’ which shows off Poulopoulos’ fun, bluesy side with more harmonica wailing by Dunham and life-questioning lyrics like: ‘I’m meeting Jesus/Would you like to meet me there?/Riding on the white line/Up Heaven’s stairs’ and evokes a young Johnny Cash crooning ‘Jackson.’

Curious, yet controlled Poulopoulos feels his way through each song like one might find his way through the dark – slowly and carefully. That attention to detail is what defines – and ultimately shines through on – ‘Greenhorn,’ showing that Poulopoulos can certainly stand all on his own.”

Greenhorn Review: Albany Times Union

31 May

Freelance writer, songwriter, Ramblin’ Jug Stomper, and special contributor to the Times Union, Michael Eck reviewed a trio of Albany-area albums, including Greenhorn. Here’s a sample of the review:

    “Poulopoulos is a literate songwriter and his gentle approach puts a sharp focus on his words and voice. Tunes like “Hummingbird” (with fiddler Mat Kane) and “Tender Massacre” lull. John Rice’s slide guitar keens against Poulopoulos’ finger-picking. The result isn’t blues or country, although it’s informed by both. It is mesmerizing…

    “Poulopoulos proves that roots rock doesn’t have to “rock” to be effective. Make no mistake, this is not sleepy music, but it has a welcome maturity and thoughtfulness.”

Click here to read the entire Greenhorn review, as well as Eck’s review of Bear Grass’ “In the Light,” and Rob Jonas’ “Another Lonely Road.”

Greenhorn Lives in Nippertown

27 Jan

How about that… The up and comin’ Greenhorn gets a mention amongst some fine sounds expected in the next few months. They come to us courtesy of the fine folks at Many, many thanks to Greg over at Albany’s sought after arts review.

Check the note here…