Photo by John Rice

Stacks of books, albums, and recording equipment are not far from an open guitar case. These are the objects Michael (M.R.) Poulopoulos spends time with these days. While he hits the road for about 100 shows a year, his focus is on his music and the materials that influence his playing. On warm days, the windows are open.

Sweetly melodic, as well as intelligent and soulful, Poulopoulos’s songs, like him, are honest and eloquent. His guitar playing may press you to tap your feet, or sway your shoulders – sometimes both. His lyrics, complemented by the steady strum or picked out tones of the guitar, always tell a story, inviting the listener into states of introspection, curiosity, amusement and reflection. They’re always poignant.

His musical influences vary, but their common foundation is American folk and roots music. His many influences and performances lend him to the acoustic singer/songwriter style, but without sounding like anyone in particular, his music is very much his own, and it strikes out a singular, yet familiar course in American roots music.

Poulopoulos’s past released work includes Lazaretto, an EP he released with Matt Durfee as the acoustic duo, Palatypus. He released the critically acclaimed Greenhorn, his first solo album, in early 2011, and the steady follow-up, Harvest the Heart to a sold-out crowd at the historic Caffe Lena in early 2013. He recently completed a cycle of music set to William Kennedy’s first three novels in the Albany Cycle, and performed them for the author on the 30th Anniversary of Kennedy winning the Pulitzer Prize.

Short Bio:

By turns intelligent, soulful, and melodic, acoustic singer-songwriter M.R. Poulopoulos is one of New York’s Capital Region’s most honest and eloquent artists. His wide-ranging influences share a common foundation in American blues and roots music, but his sound is very much his own. Poulopoulos’ first solo album, Greenhorn, was released in 2011 to critical acclaim, and his 2013 follow-up, Harvest the Heart, expanded his sound as well as his fan base. He has also worked as part of the acoustic duo Palatypus.

Rebel Darling Bio:

Rebel Darling is the pen name for singer-songwriter M.R. Poulopoulos and the rotating stable of local and regional musicians who add unique instrumentation to his brand of American Blues and Roots music.  Based primarily in M.R. Poulopoulos’ songwriting, these talented musicians from diverse backgrounds improvise with the power of the heart and the beauty of the mind.  Essentially, Rebel Darling is a feeling, a lifestyle, and – most of all – a sound.

One Line Bio:

Literate songs with soul, foot tapping fingerpicking, and steady groove.

Recording Work:
– Palatypus, Lazaretto: songwriting, harmony, acoustic guitar, electric guitar – 2007
– M.R. Poulopoulos, Greenhorn: songwriting, acoustic guitar – 2011
– Lost Radio Rounders, Heaven’s Radio: vocals, harmony, acoustic guitar – 2012
– M.R. Poulopoulos, Harvest the Heart: songwriting, harmony, acoustic guitar, electric guitar – 2013
– Danny Whitecotton, Love, War and Other Mistakes: co-production, harmony, slide gutiar – 2013
– Matt Durfee – Little World: harmony, electric guitar – 2013

He has opened for and/or shared a bill with:

– Amy LaVere
– American Babies
– Basement Band
– Blackwell Sinners
– Brown Bird
– Caitlin Canty
– Caroline Cotter
– Chris Castle
– Dan Johnson & The Expert Sidemen
– Danielle Miraglia
– Danny Schmidt
– David Tanklefsky
– Deer Tick
– Donna the Buffalo
– Drew Landry
– Driftwood
– Eastbound Jesus
– Erin Harkes
– Floodwood
– Greg Klyma
– Ian Fitzgerald
– John Rice
– Kyle Carey Trio
– Kyle Miller
– Grimis
– The Lost Radio Rounders
– MaMaVig
– Matt Durfee
– Matt Harlan
– Michaela Anne
– Nancy Walker
– Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
– Red Haired Strangers
– Rusty Belle
– Ryan Fitzsimmons
– Ryan Montbleau Band
– Scott Barkan
– The Stray Birds
– The Womack Family Band
– Zach Deputy
– Zak Trojano

Michael uses the following services and equipment: