A Big Move, the Loss of Internet, and a Ton of Snow

14 Apr

Backyard Tracks

Alright, here it is plain: I spent the Winter hunting for a house with the lady, and we found one. Our offer was accepted, and we signed the papers. Congrats to us, we’re in debt for the next 30 years! Then it snowed. Then Verizon told us that they could not, in fact, deliver internet service to our home. Then it snowed. Then the plumbing decided to shower the framing instead of the person under the shower-head. Then it snowed. Then the toilets went. Then it snowed. Then the power went out. Then it snowed.

Today I say to Hell with all that noise, and as I look outside out into the woods of the Rensselaer Plateau from my perch in Sand Lake, NY, I can confidently say that Spring is here. The power’s back on, most of the snow is gone, and if I look closely, I see buds on the trees. Spring has never felt like such a relief, and an end to a punishment. Some new songs are popping up, and I’m polishing a couple of them for playing out.

I’m currently shaping the musical plans for 2015 (did you hear about the Palatypus show?), and will be scaling the rigors of regional travel for shows back a bit to, you know, fix the plumbing, repair the roof, and plan for next year’s snow. But… By summertime, the lady and I hope to resume the Rebel Darling Presents House Concert Series, and we’ve some wooded area that is prime for a tent or two. We’ll be in touch about that.

I also have another special night at the historic Caffe Lena (man, that place just jumps with vibe, and they have some exciting plans for the next few years) scheduled for late August, and we’ll be bringing some very special guests up to the stage. We’re planning routes, and consulting family calendars as I write. I’ll keep you posted on the developments, and get you the details when we’ve sorted and settled. Oh, and when I get broadband internet in a few years, I’ll get back on the Low Down Reviews. You can view the archives when you click here.

In the meantime, check out the current show schedule here. Oh, and get your friends, family, and loved ones the Rebel Darling T-Shirt delivered just in time for the warm weather…

Thanks, folks. Drop a line, and say hello. A special Thank You! to the friends and family that helped carry us through the winter. Home cooked meals on us…

– Mike

The Rebel Darling T-Shirt.
Your lady will steal this t-shirt and wear it to bed.
Mind did, and does…

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